Ohio Has Become A Toxic Waste Injection Site.

Let’s Change That. Support Ohio Senate Bill 50 To Protect Our Children and Communities.

“There are serious concerns to be addressed regarding the toxic hydraulic fracturing waste being injected into the ground. The toxic chemicals used in these injection wells are said to include radioactive materials from the shale, as well as chemicals from the initial fracking process. These chemicals can flow into underground waters and seep into water aquifers contaminating it and causing harm to nearby wildlife and residents. This bill would ban Class II injection wells, stopping the potentially harmful effects on our state. Current regulations are simply not enough to protect the people from the toxic chemicals being dumped underground on a daily basis.” Michael J. Skindell

Ohio State Senator

What’s the big deal about Injection Wells?

Injection Well

Injection Well Photo by EPA

While injection wells look relatively harmless, the reality is they’re not. Injection well facilities have been linked to earthquakes, water and air contamination, explosions, and massive sink holes. One would think a waste disposal facility would have oversight; they do not. You can find an injection well in a rural backyard. In fact, sometimes old oil and gas wells are converted into injection wells. Trucks bring in fracking waste-which contains known carcinogens in addition to radon and other radioactive materials-hook up to a well and start dumping.

There are billions of gallons of toxic, radioactive waste being injected beneath our feet right now. It’s a huge volume of highly toxic radioactive waste, with more injected all the time and no apparent limits on injection, and we don’t know where it goes.

Pennsylvania, New York, and West Virginia bring their fracking waste to Ohio because they know the dangers and do not want it in their backyards: so they bring it here. During the debate on fracking in New York, an elected official informed citizens they should not worry about injection wells because NY would ship all their waste to Ohio.

If you are tired of being a regional dumping ground for the oil and gas industry and you do not wish to see your loved ones and community harmed in the wake of these activities, join us in supporting Senate Bill 50.

How Can You Help?

We cannot pass this bill without your help. Anything from writing a letter to your senator, to holding a meeting with him, or volunteering to help with actions within your community: every little bit helps. If we want a healthier Ohio, it starts with us!